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Minibeasts invade K12

K12 have been learning about minibeasts this term.

We have learnt about the anatomy of insects and can list some facts about them. We have also looked at the life cycle of insects and have make a 3D representation for Visual Arts. 

We were lucky enough to watch a caterpillar build its cocoon from a large grape leaf, then to see it emerge three weeks later as a moth. 

At the moment we are reading a text called The Bad Tempered Ladybird and are enjoying completing activities related to this book. We have even watched an interactive version of the story online.

We loved watching a slow motion film of a ladybird unfolding its wings. Did you know that it moves its wings in a forwards and backwards motion, rather than up and down like a birds wings? Click on this link if you would like to see it too. Ladybug flight 

We have enjoyed watching and learning this song that Mrs Harris sang when she was little. Click on this link to watch it.  Ladybug's picnic